dimecres, 23 de gener del 2019


The last day of school before the Christmas holidays, our English teachers took us to the city center to do a scavenger hunt. We walked from the high school to the city center and when we arrived to Plaça Espanya, we distributed ourselves in groups of 3-5 persons and the teachers gave us a sheet of paper with all of the challenges we had to complete.

The scavenger hunt had 30 challenges. They were quite fun! For example, we had to find three churches and take a photo of them, take a group selfie on the bench in front of the Town Hall, or go to el Mercat de l'Olivar and ask for the price of a coca de patata. The scavenger hunt started at 9:30 in Plaça Espanya and it finished at 12 in el Parc de la Mar, so we had two hours and a half to do all of the tasks.

The first group to complete all of the challenges was to be the winner, but all of the groups finished all of the tasks, so we were all winners! Then we stayed in the center and we went to have some lunch.

It was a great day and thanks to this activity, we contributed with 120kg to the charity shopping cart!

Ainhoa Sanchez (1r batxillerat D)

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